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When people look at America, they find it hard to fathom that such a great country has issues with hunger. However, the pitiful the truth is that there is hunger and there is a gathering of individuals who eat without knowing where their next dinner would originate from or when it would be. One of the people who has lived through this is Christopher Pair. Because he encountered the circumstance firsthand, it formed him and has had a large influence on the kind of person that he is to this day. Christopher was a grandson to a Mexican immigrant and a son to a sharecropper. All of them came from very humble beginnings, and so did Christopher. His dad had dreams of a better future, and in an attempt to get it for his family, he decided to serve in the army. He was in the military for quite a long while, and after leaving the administration, he returned home to accommodate the family as a gardener. For most of his life growing up, Christopher’s home had little food or none at all at times. What little they had, had just about zero dietary value.

Since the income was insufficient to sustain the family, they needed to scan for other approaches to get cash so they could manage the cost of sustenance. They turned to recycle items. They would go around collecting soda cans which they sold to get some money. This money was used to put food on the table. The only way Christophe could think of to get out of the situation they were in was to get an education, and that is what he did. After he was done with his studies, he remembered his roots and what he went through growing up. He wanted to give those people in the same situation hope and an opportunity to live better lives with access to good food. He joined the direct selling industry and later became the president of operations at a company called Plexus Worldwide, this position enabled him to be the change he wished for. He promoted this change by deciding to address an issue that he faced and that millions of families continue to face in America.

The circumstances that Christopher grew up in could have held him back, but he did his utmost best to overcome them, and he continues helping those in the same situation to live a better life. In his journey, he heard about a company called Plexus that was dedicated to helping others and decided to join it. Another partnership that brought his dreams closer to fruition was a partnership between Plexus and Feeding America. Through the association, the group endeavors to have an effect on the yearning crisis and want to free a huge number of families from its grip. He says “life is about more than what I need for myself, when we give, we find greater purpose and fulfillment”.

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