Great Kitchen Countertop Trends

it is fund to cook at home for your family and many Americans love to do this. The reason for this is that it is fun and ensures that you are eating healthy food. An attractive kitchen affects your home, cooking and eating experience.

If you want to refresh your kitchen, then consider these kitchen countertop trends.

If you want an alternative to granite, then you should get something reliable like quartz. You can get something from quartz that you dont get with granite. Quartz is non-porous and this means that it does not stain as easily as granite and is the most hygienic options available. You can save money on a quartz top since it does not have to be resealed.

The popularity of quartz is due to its qualities of being strong, sturdy, and durable. You can find many styles and finish of granite countertops with matte being the most popular colors with natural stone finish that most homeowners want.

White countertops can be paired with neutral tones in your kitchen if you want a clear, crisp, and contemporary kitchen feel. You have a more welcoming kitchen with neutral tones. Grey, white, or beige kitchen tone can be used. You can also paint your kitchen in netural tones and have fresh white countertops. White makes your space look more contemporary and make a small kitchen appear large.

Dark countertops can be used if you want a sophisticated and elegant finish. A feeling of warmth and sophistication can be achieved with black, dark grey, and charcoal countertops.

A honed finish kitchen countertop is a countertop that isn’t shiny and doesn’t reveal any scratch marks. These types of finishes work with marble countertops which offers a smooth surface.

Leather finish countertops have also become very popular. They offer a soft sheen that is more glossy than a polished top. Natural stop tops with leather finish is great. Fingerprints and wet spots are hidden with leather finish.

Veining and patterned tops are also becoming the trend in countertops With veis and patterns offering character, these types of countertops gives you a very unique kitchen. The veins of natural stone slabs of marble and granite are authenticall deisnged patterns that make your kitchen look natural. There are many different designs and patterns to choose from.

Kitchen islands are also very popular today which helps streamline your kitchen design. A dark countertop matched with a dark island makes your kitchen look more sophisticated. If you have a neutral and white toned kitchen, then you canalso add a dark island to it. The contrast will revela your unique and strong personality.

Quirky drsigns for your kitchen can be experimented upon. You can pair brightly colored cabinets to your textured and patterned countertop. Quirky light bulbs and feature drawer knobs can be added to your sleek leather kitchen countertop.